How It Works?

Speechify teaches spoken English through Immersion method. We make sure that during the course duration, you are actively engaged with English language in various ways – Online instructor-led classes, reading and writing exercises, watching relevant videos. This immersion in English language through classes, content and exercises makes sure that your language speaking skills are improved every day.

Our expert teachers design the course as per your current level and requirements. This makes sure that we work only on areas where improvement is required. Our classes are conversation driven, so you get a lot of constructive speaking practice. Our emphasis on speaking makes sure that you lose all your inhibitions and become a fluent speaker.
Our course plan works as following:

Demo Class / Level Assessment

In the first class, we will assess your skill level in English. Our experts will evaluate through carefully drafted conversations. Besides this, your background and motivation to learn will also be discussed extensively. Based on this assessment, our experts will design a customized plan for you. You can access this plan through our mobile app anytime you want.

Pre-class exercise

Once your plan is ready, you will be given various exercises before every session with the instructor. These exercises will be focus on grammar, vocabulary, learning and conversational skills. All these exercises will be accessible through our mobile app. The results of these exercises will be shared with the instructor.

Instructor-led classes

In this online video class, you will converse with our expert instructor. You will also learn to apply the concepts of pre-class exercises in conversation. The lesson will be imparted in a conversational style for most of the time. Students will speak on a variety of topics with the help of our instructors. These classes will help you in achieving fluency and overcoming inhibitions.

Post lesson exercise

After the lesson with the instructor, you will receive a video recording of the lesson with feedback from the instructor. You will get listening exercises – audio/video for a wholesome development of your language skills

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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